Joinmap ——遗传学分析软件
Joinmap 是用于计算遗传学连锁分析与作图的软件

   JoinMap provides high quality tools that allow detailed study of the experimental data and the generation of publication-ready map charts. The intuitive MS-Windows ® user interface of JoinMap invites to a better exploration of the data. For instance, you can perform several diagnostical tests, both before and after the actual map calculation, and you can remove potentially erroneous loci and individuals from the map calculations by a simple mouse-click.


  • an intuitive MS-Windows user interface, which adds a lot of practical functionality
  • all analyses are based upon just a single input file in plain text format with a flexible layout
  • also imports MAPMAKER raw data format (data types: f2 intercross, f2 backcross, ri self)
  • experimental population types: BC1, F2, RIL, F1-derived and F2-derived DH, outbreeder full-sib family
  • powerful determination of linkage groups
  • automatic determination of linkage phases for outbreeder full-sib family
  • several diagnostics, before and after the actual map calculation:
    • test segregation distortion
    • check similarity of loci
    • check similarity of individuals
    • calculate genotype probabilities conditional on map and flanking genotypes to discover double recombinations
    • test heterogeneity of recombination estimates between different populations
  • combine ('join') data derived from several sources into an integrated map
  • map charts, with many adjustable features and exportable to MS-Word ® and MS-PowerPoint ®
  • copying of results to clipboard for additional use in MS-Excel ®
  • print or export results, e.g. export maps for use in MapQTL ®
  • no limits to the amount of loci, linkage groups, etcetera, apart from the physical memory (RAM) of the computer
  • manual in Acrobat ® Reader PDF file format
  • easy-to-use InstallShield ® installer